This makes me extremely content.

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The idea to display the pets inside the store started in Singapore as a collaboration between Ikea and two animal shelters, according to Business Insider. Together they formed the project Home for Hope.

Find out which state in the United States will be adopting rescue pet displays in Ikea stores here.



Let me take a minute to tell you about little Stubby. <3
His mom is stray, who showed up at my house and had 6 kittens. All of them are adorable, most of them are really really fluffy. All of them are “normal” sized kittens… then there’s Stubby, the little runt. All the other kittens are mean to Stubby, and hog all the food. The mom didn’t really take good care of her kittens, and always runs away and leaves them for long periods of time. But they are finally weened and eating kitten food. Stubby is TINY… he is literally the smallest kitten I’ve ever seen. It was really easy for the other kittens to push him aside, and not let him get any food. It’s almost like he knew he wasn’t big enough to fight back, so he would just walk away and sit by himself, waiting for his turn, which never comes. My boyfriend felt sorry for him,  so he brought him in the house so he could eat in peace. 

Very quickly we became attached to him. It is really unusual for Tyler, because he’s not much of a cat person, but he is actually claiming him as “his” kitten. lol. But needless to say, Stubby is going to be staying in our lives for a very long time! (:

He is so silly looking, with his big ole eyes, and fat little tummy (cause he’s actually getting food now heh). I’m not sure if he’s all there mentally, he just sits and stares at nothing with a distant look in his eyes, and pretty much always looks emotionless. There is just something about him that’s not quite right, but he’s perfect to me. He seems to be healthy, just super small. He loves attention and being loved on, he purrs super loud.  Gosh I love him so much! <3